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We first learned about Ben Greenfield through his podcast at bengreenfieldfitness.com. Ben is a leading influencer an expert in what it takes to have peak performance in mind body and spirit especially for in the extreme endurance events obstacle racing.

Ben came to us asking for a brand redesign with the aim of generating a company that could 10x revenue. We agreed to lead a LEAP for him and his key stakeholders. We leapt forward to a future that was way beyond 10x. This future company dominates the health and fitness marketplace with content and products for people who want to live a truly limitless life.

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Standing in that future it was clear that the current Ben Greenfield Fitness company was not built to realize that future. In fact from the future we could see that a whole new company had to be built with new capabilities and competencies. We also saw that an entire movement had to be generated to realize the promise of the future.

It was clear that the first step we took back in the past was to create a whole new brand, generate a powerful plan and build the company that could realize this exponential future. So that's what we did.

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Exponential companies aren't business as usual. They often require competencies that are almost unimaginable. Qion, the new company, needed expertise in nutraceutical products, community-based learning platforms, educational and informational media, and deep understanding in the functioning of the human body, the mind and the spirit.

Realizing that it could take years to develop all those competencies simultaneously, we built a collective of subject matter experts to deliver on the different domains of the company. That way we could get the ship off the ground quickly and then staff the company once it was in the air.

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"When I hired Storyworks to help transform my personal fitness business into a globally recognizable health brand, I had no clue the amount of vision, clarity, hard work, creativity and personal touch they would be delivering. From the most thorough and comprehensive analysis of my current business to in-person meetings that created a clear vision for the new company to the launch and delivery of my ultimate business dream, the journey with Storyworks has been magical, beyond expectations and life transforming."

- Ben Greenfiled, Founder/CEO Qion