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Stagen Leadership is white-glove leadership development company. The Stagen Leadership Academy has developed a very special 52-week leadership course called the Foundational Leader Course. In this program, leaders get to look at who they are and how they can shape their organizations to have them become a force for good.

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Stagen was very clear that the very best value in their offerings, white glove, high-touch delivery was a direct impediment to scaling and growing the good that their business could do. They were looking for a way to use digital tools and storytelling to reach deeper into the organizations than they had ever done before.

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Storyworks partnered with Stagen to develop a digital course offering called The Foundational Leader. It is a course that would be offered to the middle tier of people managers to give them a twelve-week course that was based upon the same material that the C-Suite level leaders were learning. This allowed organizations to scale the education and impact that they got from Stagen.

For Stagen, it has opened the door to a whole new revenue stream for the company and a future of growth and scale which wasn’t present before.

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The Foundational Leader has given Stagen a new way to reach their customers with the good work that they do in the world. For Stagen the shift that produced this result required that they closely examine if they could deliver their work in new and unprecedented ways. Storyworks was able to help them to channel their best work into a new business without sacrificing their passion for serving their customers.

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Stagen is now looking at opening up markets that unavailable to them without a digital strategy. We are excited to partner with them as they grow this part of their business.