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Andy Horning came to us with an amazing vision of a business he was born to build. Andy had twenty years of experience working with couples to help them create loving and resilient relationships.

Over those years he had learned to listen more than tell, and to be suspicious of any relationship advice. His vision was to create a podcast/radio show that would celebrate the messy crazy way that we love one another in couples. He knew that couples could learn from couples better than any expert, and he was given the unique gift to find and share their stories.

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The thing was that the vision was so big that he didn’t know where to start.  Storyworks partnered with Andy to create the company that could hold and execute on his vision. We started at the beginning by helping him express a TRUE Brand for the company. From there we led a naming and logo MARK development to create Elephant Talk, a radio show for couples, by couples.

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With a TRUE Brand we quickly developed a website and helped Andy to build his team.

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We have partnered with Andy and Elephant Talk helping them develop their website and their team. Elephant Talk is now launching their first season. We created a few short social media videos to share the launch party. We are very excited to see this amazing project take wings.  

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This a launch party video starring George Lange who photographed couples at the event.  

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"Storyworks nurtured the idea had with their fantastic creative process. They LOVED MY ASS through the process and helped me create a brand and name for Elephant Talk that I love. Storyworks is great at helping companies set a direction and then let them fly."

- Andy Horning, Founder/Host Elephant Talk