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Synova is a waste to energy technology company that designs and builds power plants that convert garbage to energy.  Their special sauce is a filtration process that allows them to create syngas more efficiently and without allowing additional pollutants to escape in the process.

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Synova is a technology company with deep expertise in designing and building power plants.  Their typical project is funded with public and private funds and costs north of $50M.  Their customers are local and federal governments, primarily in Asia.  Storyworks discovered a industry wide tendency to use highly technical, wonky speak when talking about the company their technology.  This language, while great for details, failed to communicate the good that Synova was doing for the world.

While the main customer for a powerplant is a governmental energy agency, every project has to navigate public hearing process.  The public, unlike scientists and governmental energy agencies, do not speak power plant wonk speak.   Rather they have a world of concerns about waste and the impact of energy production on their families health.  We saw an opportunity for Synova to speak directly, with heart, to their hopes and fears about waste and energy.  

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Storyworks started with a TRUE North Brand process with Synova, positioning them as a leader in green power production and thought leaders on the global waste problem.  We created a logo MARK and visual design for the company that was both technically credible and warm and approachable by the general public.  

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Now we are helping Synova tell the waste to energy story to the world.  While there are many solutions needed to deal with our waste problems and our green energy needs, Synova is positioned as the trusted brand in waste to energy.  This has resulted in the successful navigation of public hearings in plants to be built in Thailand.  

The above video explains their process and how it benefits the world.

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We have built Synova a public facing TRUE Brand website.  They are now sharing thier story with the world.  They are now building three plants in Thailand, reducing their waste and providing clean, sustainable energy made from trash.

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Storyworks did a great job of listening to our story and helping to break it down into a form that could get attention yet be delivered in digestible pieces that flowed together well. It probably required a lot of patience from their side, but they always brought positive energy and thoughtfulness to the task at hand. We get a lot of unsolicited compliments on our site.

-Giffen Ott, CEO Synova