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The Hoffman Institute is an educational organization concerned with helping people live happy, productive and fulfilled lives. They have been offering their flagship program, The Process since the mid nineteen seventies, producing reliable increases in happiness and satisfaction in their customers lives. Hoffman comes to us wanting create a promotional film that helped people to know who they were and why they might want to take the Hoffman Process.

We worked with the Hoffman team to really understand what exactly made a difference for people. The discovery, while it may not be a surprise, was in the methodology of the course where participants come face to face with behavior patterns, created in childhood, that have them acting and behaving in ways that do not bring them love and happiness.

We developed, wrote, directed and produced this video to share the good they do.

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Storyworks partnered with Hoffman to pick the most important part of the methodology of uncovering these behaviors in the Process called Negative Love Syndrome. If potential customers could understand this idea and realize an immediate impact from looking at their eyes through the lens of Negative Love Syndrome, they would better recognize the value of the Process.

After an intensive collaborative script writing process with Hoffman, we worked with an amazingly talented line drawing animator, Anik Rosenblum to produce a short animated film about Negative Love Syndrome. This video is now a first touch point for many of Hoffman’s potential customers. It has changed the sales cycle for Hoffman in many ways, as now new customers come to them with a clear idea of “what’s in this for me” and in fact in most cases these new customers are ready to get to work, rather than needing to be convinced of the value of the Process.

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Hoffman was willing to give away one of its foundational pieces of intellectual property by putting Negative Love Syndrome out on the internet for free. They were willing to share their good with the world to promote their purpose of having people live happy, productive, fulfilled lives. This in turn has lead to an increase in interest and enrollments in the Hoffman Process.