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We were invited by Coke CEO James Quincey to help invent a strong culture of personal accountability for Coke the Northern Europe business unit.

The Northwest Europe and Nordics (NWEN) business unit of Coca~Cola was facing a leadership challenge created by the formation of the business unit from four geographically diverse European business units; France, Germany, Great Britain and Nordics. The new business found it difficul to work with virtual teams spread across Europe. Employee engagement scores fell as did profit.  We we asked to create a culture change program to reinvent the way teams worked together.

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Culture work is one of the three for-benefit areas we work in, alongside product and services that are good for the people and the planet and for benefit giveback. We are champions of helping companies grow a culture that empowers employees to lead a purpose driven life. At NWEN it was clear that our work could create a shift in circumstances that were viewed as difficult as best for leaders and teams.

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With our talent development partners at Coca~Cola we designed a leadership development program called “Own the Future” We held a three day combination LEAP and education workshop for the top seventy leaders of the business. The educational component was built around ten leadership principles that were discovered in a mini-documentary series on Olympic Athletes and their Coaches.

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The Good Work At the Own the Future event the leaders declared, “If I see a leadership void, I will step in and fill it. I will own the future.” Over the next six months we worked with the NWEN leaders with several bespoke training tools we developed including a leadership called Go for Gold.

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We delivered a 15% increase in engagement scores at NEWN, an unprecedented change in this measure across the whole Coke system. We also saw a correlated increase in profit for NWEN moving the business unit from middle of the pack to being recognized as a top performer worldwide with a Woodruff Cup invitation.

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Storyworks is one of the most amazing partners I've ever had the privilege to engage in a culture transformation in my 16 years of experience in this field. Specializing in high-impact, transformative media, Michael Shaun and the Storyworks team worked with us from concept to true sustainable outcomes on a Leadership initiative called Own the Future for our NW Europe leadership team.
Own the Future started as a request for Manager Fundamentals training when I engaged Storyworks to make an inspirational film to kick off the program. Michael Shaun knew that we had a unique opportunity to create not just a program, but a 6-month experience for our leaders through multiple channels and touchpoints from online learning, a customized interactive game, 1:1 coaching, and an onsite program with every part of the experience designed and executed to engage our leadership team in a way that many reported was the most "impactful" experience of their careers.
We surpassed our expectations and in those 6 months, we elevated our employee engagement scores in the Leadership category by 15 points- a remarkable feat. It was Michael Shaun's Vision, passion and expertise that made Own the Future come to life. As a result of this work, we have asked Storyworks to engage in subsequent transformation efforts. I give the highest recommendation for Storyworks.

- Jennifer Longnion, Chief People Offices Dollar Shave Club, Former Director Talent Development Coca Cola