Our team is dedicated to massive impact

We are a team of change agents putting our gifts to work to amplify the good in the world. We believe that joining our genius with yours 10X the power we have to solve the worlds biggest problems, create equality, protect the planet and be the Good Team.



Michael Shaun Conaway

CEO, Strategist, Director, Creative

In service to the greatness of humanity.


The most exciting problems in the world to solve are the ones that are systemic and bigger than any one individual, government or company. As a lover of humanity and storyteller, my career has zig-zagged between leadership philosophy and the creative arts. Shortly after graduating with an MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics from Naropa University, I became one of the early innovators in “interactive” storytelling and games. That led to briefly being a wunderkind in television commercials. But I quickly became disillusioned with advertising and dove into using my talents making educational films about leadership and personal development. Leadership led to culture development, which led to understanding that business can be a force for good. Now I spend my days helping companies tell their stories and grow the good that they do in the world.


Alex Melnyk

President, Ambassador for Good

Connecting people to power good.


I discovered early on in my career that I had a gift for connecting people to accomplish challenging objectives. At 19, I became the co-manager of an international pop band, The Thompson Twins, in charge of marketing, communications and tour production. From music, I went to television, and then on to a stint as an executive producer at the legendary Propaganda Films, where I worked with some of the biggest directors of my generation. In the early nineties I became fascinated with the “information superhighway,” and made the jump to digital as the VP of Interactive at MCA/Universal. Over my years of being a leader for these different organizations, it became clear that what I do has to create a net positive for the world. Now I help business leaders connect their purpose and passion to the good they wish to see in the world.


Benjamin Lovejoy

CCO, Arc Strategist, Maker

Igniting creativity as a force for good.


In my late teens I discovered that one could make a living as an artist. I thought, “I want to be a designer for Greenpeace!” Looking back to that early aspiration, it’s inspiring to see how my unwavering commitment to creativity as a catalyst for change has remained a powerful influence throughout the years. My career has been a journey from old-school apprenticeship, to studio ownership and director level posts at some truly exceptional agencies. I’ve lead creative teams of all sizes on projects with all kinds of clients in many different industries. I never cease to be inspired by clients’ stories, and fascinated with how to tell them such that they stand out in an increasingly noisy marketplace. That’s why joining Storyworks was a fait accompli, exponentially increasing my ability to make positive change in the world through creativity. Today, I help companies making a massive difference find their true north, amplify their impact, and tell the stories of the good they do.


Kate Maloney

Business Strategist, Ambassador for Good

We should do some good shit together.


I love creating companies that are a force for good, and over the last 10 years I’ve founded over a dozen such technology companies. I’ve also served as Co-Board Chair with John Mackey (Founder & CEO, Whole Foods Market) for a non-profit that brought together conscious business and thought leaders to solve some of the most serious problems facing the planet today. I’m now working as the CEO & Producer of RiseUP: The Movie and Movement that features business and social change agents such as John Mackey, the Dalai Lama, Blake Mycoskie (Founder, TOMS Shoes), Tony Hsieh (Founder, Zappos), Luke Nosek, (Co-Founder, PayPal), Casey Sheehan (former President/CEO, Patagonia), Moby (Grammy-winning Artist) and Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul series).


Delaney Covelli

Executive Assistant

Endlessly devoted to the potential behind self-worth.


Therapeutic filmmaking by way of psychology degree, by way of activism, by way of being born to writer parents.

I’ll never forget:
(1.) Being 14 years old, speaking on a DWI/DUI press conference. In the audience I saw the families affected by drunk driving car accidents . I asked, in my head, why am I the one talking? I just wanted to sit and hear their stories.
(2.) Watching two films that made it crystal clear that I was intended to be a filmmaker.
(3.) The moment that I realized listening to marginalised stories and making films could be the same thing.
(4.) Graduating from my Psychology and Visual Arts Bachelor’s Degree from Naropa University.

All of these things and more have led me me to serve as a family member of StoryWorks and pursue my dream of number of being a filmmaker.


Amy Caccamo

Camera Operator, Editor

Metal AF.


Somewhere between watching James Cameron’s Titanic on VHS way too many times as a child and staying up late playing through The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on Nintendo 64 over and over again, I fell in love with the art of storytelling. I immersed myself in epic stories of characters I would never meet face to face, but felt like I knew my entire life after getting to know their journey. Putting the puzzle pieces of footage together to create an impactful, moving story, all the while hunkered down hunched over a computer late at night, seemed to be the most enticing expression of my love for movies and games. Thus, Amy the Video Editor was born! I attended the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago pursuing a BFA in Digital Film & Video Production with a focus on post-production. A lot of blood, sweat & tears shed on the streets of Michigan Avenue built the foundation for this raw, passionate, creative person I have become. I apply these traits to my work and my inspiration. That’s enough about me – let’s do this. Oh, and go Hawks!


Jochen Seiss

Technology Director

Developing games and technology for good.


My career started out producing e-learning projects for MINI, BMW, Rolls Royce and Honda. These projects quickly evolved into an early form of game learning. That experience led me into becoming a game producer at Electronic Arts where I was part of the FIFA (Soccer) Game development team. During my time on the FIFA team we turned the game into the biggest selling sports game in the world. My passion for education led me to return to be a pioneer in game learning. Now I run our app and game studio, and love that the games and apps we develop have a positive impact on the world.


Lindsay Blackett

Business Strategist, Ambassador for Good

If not us, then who?


Early in my life I figured out that solutions to problems were actually pretty easy. The difficult part was to get people to take up the solutions and implement them. That’s how I found myself in government, working to implement solutions that solved problems in the community. I worked in government in several different roles before I ran for, and was elected, as a Member of the Legislative Assembly for Calgary-North West. After serving a four-year term, I decided to return to the public sector. It was clear that while government is an important part of solving the world's problems, it was not agile enough to solve them at the rate that is needed. Now I help businesses and nonprofits take up projects that have real impact and make the world a better place. The difficulties our world faces require our best minds and organizations to take up these challenges, and create workable and sustainable solutions.


Chad Lefevre

Business Strategist, Ambassador for Good

Need a quote.


I am endlessly excited by industries and market segments where technology and entertainment can work together to disrupt, uplift and improve life for people. I’ve been a serial entrepreneur, launching Nicte Neuromedia, NeuroBe, Muzuma, KaraLife and other high tech companies. I love business problems that require teams to generate and sustain genius. I’ve also worked building teams for Music World, Sony Music Latin, Coca-Cola, TELUS, Viddy and the Canfield Group. And for a number of years I also produced the Speaker Author and Networking Group 3-day conference (SANG) in Los Angeles, which brought together 300 of the top authors, speakers and thought-leaders in the world, including Peter Guber, Jack Canfield, Tony Hsieh and many others. Throw me a big, hairy business problem and I’ll build a team to solve it and make a positive impact on the world.


Fred Kahn

Creative Director, Writer, Humorist


Advertising is pretty fun. Been at it for over 20 years, mostly at agencies where I did work for clients in categories like food & beverage, arts & entertainment, healthcare, sports and agriculture. It suits me. I’m a curious person, and writing has always seemed to come naturally. But even though I’m grateful to make a living using my imagination, working on giant consumer brands like Budweiser can feel temporary, disposable. You’re just selling more stuff. Now I get to tell the stories of good people with great ideas, and build brands for them – brands that stand for something, connect in meaningful ways and improve quality of life. Maybe that isn’t exactly what you’d call advertising, but it’s more personal and engaging and inspiring, and that makes it even more fun than I could have imagined.